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VersaForward Service Forwards AOL, MSN, Hotmail and Other Email to Blackberries, Mobile Phones or Other Accounts
Email forwarding company VersaEdge Software LLC today announced a major update to VersaForward Email Forwarding Service, providing dependable forwarding to mobile phone, Blackberry or other email account. (PRWeb Dec 31, 2006)

Synchronica Wins Gold in 2006 Marcom Creative Awards Competition
Synchronica plc, an international provider of robust mobile synchronization and device management solutions, has been selected as a Gold Award winner in this year#039;s 2006 MarCom Creative Awards. The MarCom Creative Awards is an international awards competition that recognizes outstanding achievement by marketing and communication professionals. (PRWeb Dec 30, 2006)

Briabe Launches Spanish Language and Diversity Mobile Marketing Practice for Brands and Media Agencies
Briabe Media, a full service mobile media agency, announced today the launch of its Spanish language mobile marketing practice to help brands and agencies reach on-the-go Hispanic consumers. (PRWeb Dec 29, 2006) http

Telecom Investors

Profiles of the most prolific individual and company investments in the Telecom industry. came about to consolidate information about major telecommunications investors. This site includes many different types of telecom investors, including individuals, corporations, or venture capitalists or capital firms worldwide, including Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Each market has its own idiosyncrasies, but to have a global context, one must have a familiarity with the state of the industry and knowledge of the players.

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The telecom industry currently stands in an industry-wide expansion, having recovered from its recent slump, according to Insight Research report, "The 2007 Industry Review, an Anthology of Market Facts and Forecasts." The report goes on to state that wireless revenues should "increase by a compounded rate of nearly 10% annually, with various forms of wireless broadband leading the way." IP equipment and IP-based services will replace older technologies and the enterprise equipment market is up by 6.9%.

Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia-Pacific make up the faster growing regions. Europe and North America currently grow more slowly than the previously named regions. As these regions boom, experts expect wireless communications to continue the trend of displacing wireline communications for voice calling. As wireless 2.5G and 3G data services increase, wireless will continue to reduce the demand and use for traditional landline calling. The industry segments growing most quickly consist of VoIP, WiMax, WiFi, fixed-mobile convergence, IPTV, IMS and streaming media.

Revenue growth projections predict rates of close to 10% for wireless revenues, five times the revenue growth projection of 2% for wireline service during the same period. Overall revenue for the telecom industry should hit the 1.3 trillion mark sometime during 2007, according to analysts.

Access to financing serves as the greatest barrier to entry in the telecom market, because of the capital-intensive nature of the industry. The information on these telecom investors function as an aid in understanding the telecom industry and developing or investing in it.

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